The TLC provides resources to help you revise and enhance your courses or use CCD-wide office technology.

The TLC can help with instructional design, curriculum design and universal design (accessibility), whether you are creating a brand new course or just wanting to revise and enhance an existing one. And this assistance is not limited to just faculty or online delivery; if you run a training as a department on a regular basis and want to make it more engaging, we're here to help! We believe that all learning at CCD should reflect best practices in effective teaching strategies as well as advance CCD's mission of creating a supportive and inclusive environment.

Here you will find resources to help enhance learning in the classroom, online, or in a staff workshop or conference presentation. If you need one-on-one assistance and support or are not sure where to begin your project, please feel free to contact the specialists in the TLC: Jane Binns, Jennifer Ferguson, Jennifer Maxwell, Aysenur Ozyer or Wendeth Rauf.

Campus is EAB’s advisor communication platform that was deployed in summer, 2018. This platform allows for more efficient and targeted communications from advisors to specific groups of students. An early alert system is part of this platform, so in an effort to increase efficiency and create cost savings, we have discontinued the use of Stear, replacing the early alert program with the tools in Campus.


  • Automated email system requesting faculty & instructors to report on students who are at risk
  • Reporting can occur directly from email
  • Logging into Campus platform not required as part of the process for faculty & instructors
  • Alerts can be processed individually, helping advisors prioritize intervention efforts

Guides for Using Campus

Office Tools

Open Educational Resources (OER) are course materials that can be used free of charge. Some of these resources are curated through membership organizations like the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC), and others are freely available in online databases.

To learn more about OER, you can sign up to take a renowned online training from the Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges. It typically runs once a semester, but it is also available as a self-paced course. Send the TLC a copy of your certificate of completion to earn five hours of professional development.

How to Use Open Educational Resources (OER) Course Registration

How to Use Open Educational Resources (OER) Self-Paced Course

Auraria Library Assistance with Open Educational Resources (OER) - Assistance and consultations are available to advise and support faculty about copyright and identifying and embedding OER's into online learning environments.

Curated sites offering OER in a variety of subjects

WebEx is a webinar tool to use in classroom instruction and meetings. For example, faculty can use it to hold synchronous internal office hours with students and staff can use it for meetings and conferences.

Guides for using WebEx

Use the documents below to familiarize yourself with CCD's Digital Storytelling tool. Faculty and students can use WeVideo to create a robust multimedia experience with assignments For more information, please contact, Lisa R. Joslyn, educational technology coordinator, Aysenur Ozyer, instructional designer, or see the Media Services - Digital Storytelling page.

Guides for Using WeVideo