Teaching Learning Center's Instructional Design

What Does an Instructional Technologist Do?

There are three main things our instructional technologists can help you with: 

Desire2Learn (D2L) Course/Material Design

  • Review your D2L courses and give feedback
  • Help with designing your D2L courses
  • Help with creating course materials
  • Enrich your D2L courses with interactive learning materials

Educational Technology Help

Need Additional Training? To schedule one-on-one or group trainings, please contact Aysenur Ozyer.

Course Review

Regardless of whether you teach online or face-to-face, our instructional technologist can perform a review of your materials on D2L. To request a review, please fill out and submit the form below.

Please enter the course: prefix, number, and section, eg. ENG 121 001.
Please describe any areas of your course design, for which you would like specific help. (content, assignments, assessments, etc.)
Do you have a specific time frame for when you would like this review completed?