Graduation & Commencement Information

Congratulations! You made it!

You are joining thousands of other CCD graduates and taking the step from student to alumna or alumnus. Before you take this final step, here are a few pieces of information you need to know in order to graduate from CCD.

Use the information provided here as a guide to prepare for graduation. Without meeting these requirements, you will not be eligible to graduate from CCD. Please contact our office for questions, as we are happy to assist in any way we can. You can also download and print this checklist of information from the graduation application's second page.

Academic Major

You must be accepted into a field of study (major) at CCD before applying for graduation. Meet with your Program Advisor or go to DegreeWorks on CCDConnect to be sure you have been accepted into the correct field of study and that you are on track to graduate.

Academic Credits

In order to graduate, you must take at least 15 credit hours or 25 percent of a program to receive a diploma for any degree or certificate program. The minimum credit requirement for a degree is 60 hours. Certificate requirements vary.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements

In order to graduate, you must earn a grade of “C” or better in each course. Some programs require higher GPA standards; check the catalog or with your academic advisor for details.

Incomplete & Satisfactory Progress

If you have a grade of “I” or “SP” on your record, you must have the department submit grade changes to our office (Confluence Building, room 114) no later than two weeks after the semester ends.

Transcript Evaluation

If you have credit from a previous school or institution that needs to be evaluated for your program, make sure our office has received your official transcripts by the time you submit your Graduation Application. To graduate, applicable credits must first be transferred. 

Credit for Prior Learning: Please send the College Board scores and transcripts for CLEP, AP, IB, DANTES, and ACE to the Office of Registration and Records office via mail or by email. All standardized tests must be evaluated from the official transcript and processed by Office of Registration & Records.

For questions and information as to the process please contact Mary Ann Matheny, Senior Advisor.

Community College of Denver | Office of Registration & Records
Confluence Building, Room 114
800 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80204

Verify Name

The name on your diploma will be printed with the name listed on school records. If your name has changed, submit a Change of Information Form, along with supporting documentation, to our office (Confluence Building, room 114).

Additional Requirements

Specific programs may have additional requirements; check the catalog for your specific program of study or speak with your academic advisor.

Finally, see tab two of this page "Applying for Graduation" to complete the graduation process.

How to Apply for Graduation

Finishing the last classes you need to complete your CCD degree or certificate this semester? Apply for Graduation now in order to be officially awarded a diploma:

  1. Download or pick up a graduation application from our office (Confluence Building, room 114). Each degree/certificate requires a separate graduation application.
  2. Fill out a graduation department chair review form if applying for graduation with an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree or certificate. Graduation applications missing this form will be denied.
  3. Submit the graduation application and graduation department chair review forms (if applicable) to our office by the published deadline.*

Application Deadlines

  • Fall 2018 - September 10
  • Spring 2019 - February 10
  • Summer 2019 - June 10

*Please Note: If the published deadline occurs on a weekend, applications will be accepted until the following business day.

Receiving Your Diploma & Final Transcript

Diplomas are mailed to you following the confirmation and printing of your degree. Mailing occurs approximately eight weeks after the end of the semester. Your diploma/certificate will be mailed to your current address that is listed in CCDConnect. Please check to make sure your address is up-to-date.

Before requesting a final official transcript at the end of the semester, confirm that your degree/certificate has been posted by viewing your unofficial transcript on CCDConnect.

CCD has one commencement ceremony each academic year. It is held in mid-May for the graduates from the previous summer and fall, as well as the candidates for spring graduation. For more information, please visit

The video provided above is a Digital Story created by the CCD Graduation Specialist, Jan Masters. CCD faculty, staff and students are creating Digital Stories throughout the year on loads of different topics. Learn more here.