Achieving Strategic Balance at CCD

About This Process

Program prioritization has been a topic of conversation here at CCD for some time. The Self-Reflection Committee, developed under the guidance of the strategic plan team, has now concluded its work, and with the convergence of other critical works of self-reflection in the form of the our Neighborhood Master Plan and HLC self-assessment, my executive team agrees with the recommendation of our strategic plan team that the time is finally right to begin this important work in earnest.

What Is Program Prioritization?

In simplest terms, it is a process by which the college reviews all existing programs to ensure that we are utilizing our limited resources in the most efficient and effective manner to provide high-quality program alignment with our strategic priorities and meet the educational needs of CCD students.

What Defines a Program?

A program is any activity or collection of activities of CCD that consumes resources (dollars, people, space, equipment, time).

What Will the End Result of This Process Be?

We don’t know for sure until we’ve worked through the whole process. A well-designed program prioritization process isn’t simply an exercise in finding places to trim the budget. It’s an opportunity to engage in a thoughtful, holistic, and inclusive self-assessment that can re-focus and revitalize the college to better serve our students and community.

Achieving Strategic Balance Committee

Follow Committee's Progress & Be Engaged! A blog has been created to give you regular updates on the Achieving Strategic Balance Committee's progress. View articles on the committee members nominated by you, a full letter from the president, expected timelines, and much more as this process unfolds.

We do not embark on this process lightly. We understand it will require a good deal of time and energy from all those involved in planning and carrying out the work, and it has the potential to impact all of us across the college. We want you to know that the members of the executive council are committed to supporting this process through to its conclusion and will strive to make the review, recommendations, and our response open and transparent.