Internal Surveys

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Faculty & Staff Surveys

To meet one of our objectives under the college goal, ENGAGING, we will develop and implement strategies to address strengths and areas for improvement based on this data. Each employee council is reviewing the data and making recommendations to executive staff on any needed action plans. Here, you'll find the climate survey results for CCD and the collective data for all colleges in the Colorado Community College System.

Graduate Follow-up Survey

Each year, a survey is sent to prior year's graduates of CCD to find out about their after-college educational and employment experiences. Data from this survey are reported to Colorado Community College System (CCCS) office and fulfill the requirements for Perkins data collection and reporting. Results are reviewed by college administration to search for ways to make CCD a better place for students to learn, grow, and fulfill their dreams.

Student Satisfaction Survey

Every other year the Colorado Community College System surveys students regarding their experience. This report shares the responses of students from CCD. A representative group of CCD students is asked to respond to one of four surveys: general satisfaction, instruction, student services, assessment and advising.