Achieve your Education & Career Goals!

Career Pathways for FSI Students

When you enroll in our classes, CCD's Foundational Skills Institute offers career pathways services to help you plan for a sustainable future. Along with your classes to get ready for the GED® or HiSET® exams, we help you learn essential skills to qualify for great jobs and to succeed in higher education.  

  • Discover college and community resources to help you meet life's challenges.
  • Get help choosing a career or help planning for the one you've already selected.
  • Learn about educational or training requirements and core skills for your dream job.
  • Apply what you learn in class to specific requirements for a successful career.
  • Explore options for college, certifications, training programs, apprenticeships, and more.
  • Enroll in one of our BRIDGE programs to make a plan and get started.

Accelerated Bridge Services

  • Set up your individual career & academic plan.
  • Confirm your education and/or training selection.
  • Set a timeline and strategy to complete the requirements.
  • Apply for scholarships and grants or enroll in free programs.
  • Prepare for success; balance your life/work/school responsibilities.
  • Prepare for employment with the right skills while you study.
  • Get help finding work in your career pathway.
  • FSI/CCD college co-enrollment option (special requirements).

Accelerated Bridge Requirements

Students must be enrolled in Foundational Skills Institute (FSI) classes and:

  • Select a college or training program
  • Maintain excellent attendance in Level D or Level E classes/Learning Lab
  • Submit a completed Instructor Bridge Program Referral form
  • Prepare a Bridge Portfolio (details provided in class) 
  • Be able to earn a high school equivalency diploma in 4-6 months (HSE students)
  • OR achieve college-level scores on the CCD ESL placement test (ESL students)
    All of the above, plus you must have passed 50%+ of official HSE tests at the college level, be prepared to pass remaining tests in 2-4 months, and qualify for financial aid through 'Ability to Benefit.'

Accelerated Bridge Options

After completing Accelerated requirements, FSI students may select from the following:

  • Bridge to Higher Education
    • Your goal is higher education in a liberal arts or STEM field
    • You do not plan to work while in college, or you have made a plan with your current employer
    • You are not interested in a short high-demand certificate for immediate employment
  • Bridge to a Certificate or Certification* 
  • You want to get a certificate to launch a sustainable career (see Supported Certificates)
  • Or, your goal is to earn a certificate, start work in your career 
  • You want to start work in your career path as soon as you can qualify
  • You want to learn essential skills for success in your career
  • *Many certificates are stackable. College certificates usually include college credits toward a related degree. You can continue with your education to earn a college degree or advanced certification while you get experience and build your resume.
  • Bridge to College ESL
    • You have a diploma, certificate, or degree from outside the United States
    • You want to enroll in a college program at CCD


  • All Accelerated services are included in the program fee
  • Many training programs are available at no cost
  • Students planning to attend college usually qualify for scholarships and grants
  • Funding options are available through workforce resources for many training programs


Visit the Foundational Skills Institute on the 4th floor of the Confluence Building.

For immediate assistance: