About Your FA Award

Helpful Information

This information explains the terms and conditions under which you are eligible to receive financial aid at Community College of Denver (CCD). As a student receiving financial aid, you are certifying that you agree to the following terms and conditions and that you understand your rights and responsibilities herein. Please read this carefully and thoroughly.  In each statement, “I,” “me” or “my” refers to you, the student.

  • By accepting all or a part of the financial aid award granted by CCD, I agree to use all federal, state and institutional financial aid received only for educational expenses at CCD.
  • I understand that class attendance is mandatory for all types of financial aid. If I am unable to attend my courses for any reason, it is my responsibility to drop/withdraw from the courses and return all unearned financial aid.
  • I understand that policies and procedures may change during the course of an award year as the result of regulatory changes.
  • I understand that all financial aid is contingent upon my continued eligibility. CCD reserves the right to review and adjust or cancel any financial aid award at any time due to changes in my status or the availability of funding.
  • I understand that a change in residency status or enrollment status may affect eligibility for financial aid. Enrollment status includes non-attendance, ineligible classes, dropping, adding, withdrawing or receiving an ‘I’ in a course(s).
  • I understand that financial aid may only be paid for up to 30 attempted developmental credit hours. Any developmental courses above the 30-hour limit will not be eligible for financial aid and will not count toward my total enrollment for financial aid purposes.
  • I agree to conform to policies, procedures and other requirements in regard to Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress and Return of Title IV Funds.
  • I will promptly notify the Office of Registration and Records of any change in name, address, phone number, and/or program of study.
  • I will promptly notify the Financial Aid Office of any financial assistance received from sources outside of the CCD Financial Aid office.
  • I understand I may not receive financial aid from more than one institution during a given term.
  • I understand that there are federal annual limits on the Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loans. If I attend more than one institution in any given academic year, my eligibility may be affected by aid received at those institutions. I agree to provide proof of aid used at my prior institutions.
  • I understand that there is a subsidy limit on Federal Direct Subsidized Loans. My eligibility for the subsidy may be affected by my declared degree plan at CCD and/or any prior schools I may have attended.
  • I may have my financial aid application reviewed upon request if there has been a significant change in my family situation. I will be prepared to submit documentation proving these extenuating circumstances. I understand that such requests will be reviewed on an individual basis and may not affect my financial aid eligibility.
  • I must supply accurate information on all forms submitted to the Financial Aid Office. Funds obtained on the basis of false or misleading information must be repaid and could result in criminal prosecution, prison sentence, and/or a $20,000 fine pursuant to U.S. Criminal Code and Colorado Criminal Code.
  • I understand that if I decide not to attend CCD, it is my responsibility to officially drop my courses and/or decline any aid offered. Failure to do so could result in outstanding charges owed by me to CCD and/or federal financial aid programs.
  • I agree to regularly check my student-issued email account. I understand that email is the official communication with CCD. I am responsible for all communications sent to me through this address.

  • Financial aid eligibility will only be determined after I have submitted all required application documents. Incomplete files will not be processed.
  • Financial aid eligibility requires a student to be enrolled in an eligible degree and/or certificate program.
  • CCD’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy requires all financial aid recipients to maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA, to complete at least 67 percent of all credits attempted, to complete at least one class every semester and to graduate within 150 percent of my declared program's published length. I understand that if I fail to comply with these standards, I may lose my financial aid eligibility.
  • Financial aid awards are determined based on full-time enrollment. Most aid programs require at least ½ time attendance to receive financial aid. Under some circumstances, Federal Pell Grants may pay for less than half-time attendance. If my attendance status changes throughout the term, my aid may be adjusted accordingly and I am responsible for paying any resulting balance due in full.
    • Full-Time = 12.0 or more credit hours
    • ¾ Time = 9.0 to 11.0 credit hours
    • ½ Time = 6.0 to 8.0 credit hours
    • Less than ½ Time = .05 to 5.0 credit hours
  • I understand the following situations may affect my enrollment status and therefore the payout of my financial aid:
    • Incomplete courses (graded with an “I”) being completed for a grade,
    • more than 30 developmental credits, or
    • third attempt of a course that has been previously passed.

  • Financial aid awarded in the form of grants, scholarships, and loans will be applied toward my student bill first and will pay outstanding tuition, fees, and authorized charges I owe to CCD.
  • I understand aid is paid to my CCD student account after the census date, approximately two (2) weeks into each term.
  • If I am scheduled to receive more financial aid (not including work-study) than the balance I owe CCD, I understand I may be issued a refund.
  • If eligible for a refund, I understand it will be issued electronically to my CCCS Refund Card based on the refund preference I selected (within 14 days of disbursement).
  • I am responsible for ensuring that my addresses are valid (CCCS Refund Card will be delivered to me by mail).
  • I understand federal regulation mandates that all first-time borrowers of federal loans must wait 30 days from the first day of classes for the loan to disburse. If participation in academically related activities is not performed by me before or after disbursement of any loan, my eligibility for student loans will immediately be voided and I will be referred to my loan servicer for immediate repayment of my loans.
  • I understand federal regulation mandates that all federal loans be released in two (2) disbursements. Most loans will automatically be scheduled across two (2) semesters (i.e., fall and spring or spring and summer). Conversion of a multiple-term loan into a single-term loan is generally not allowed at CCD. Requests for single-term loans will be granted on a rare exception basis only. Please contact a Financial Aid Advisor for instructions on how to submit an appeal.

Eligibility for bookstore purchases is limited. I must meet all of the following criteria to be considered:

  • Submit all requested financial aid documents at least one month before the first day of the standard semester (including course registration).
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress status is not Ineligible and I don't have pending grades.
  • Have enough financial aid scheduled to pay to cover my tuition and fees bill plus excess for book purchases.
  • Enrolled in six or more credit hours or have a Federal Pell Grant scheduled for the term.

Bookstore purchases may begin two weeks prior to the start of each semester. Bookstore purchases will end on the third week of the semester.

I understand if I change my course load or become ineligible after the issuance of the bookstore credit that I may be responsible for repaying the funds if eligibility is affected.

  • Financial aid is intended, but not guaranteed, to help cover the portion of college expenses that cannot be paid by me or my family.
  • When completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the federal processor uses the information provided to determine the family contribution and the results are forwarded to CCD. This is the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and determines the type of financial aid available to me if all other eligibility requirements are met.
  • The April 15th priority consideration date enables me to be considered for first-come, first-served funds such as state grants and scholarships.
  • Financial aid awards are created based on my eligibility criteria and the availability of federal, state and institutional funds and are awarded according to federal, state and institutional guidelines and regulations.
  • My financial aid package may be a combination of several types of aid, including grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study.
  • An estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) is used when determining my financial aid package. I understand my financial aid award cannot exceed my COA, and that my COA does not reflect the actual out-of-pocket amount I owe to CCD. I understand I am not guaranteed to receive financial aid that meets my entire COA.
    COA includes tuition/fees, books/supplies, room/board, personal expenses and transportation.

What is an overaward?

An overaward exists when a student's aid package exceeds their total costs or their need. Some examples include:

  • We award a student when they are ineligible for a specific program or they are ineligible for any Federal Student Aid program assistance
  • A student’s award in an individual program exceeds the regulatory maximum, e.g., the annual or aggregate loan limits, the annual limit on Federal Supplementary Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) awards, or a Pell award based on the wrong payment schedule/enrollment status
  • A student’s aid package exceeds their need; including when their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is revised upward after initial packaging
  • A student’s award exceeds their cost of attendance (COA)
  • A student is receiving a Pell, or Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant at multiple schools for the same period

How did I get overawarded?

While we take care not to overaward you when packaging your aid, circumstances may change after you have been awarded that result in an overaward. For instance, you may receive a scholarship or grant from an outside organization or your EFC has increased as a result of verification. Regardless of the reason for the overaward, we are bound by Federal regulation to correct the overaward. Exceptions cannot be made for anyone.

Correcting an overaward

When an overaward situation arises, we may have to adjust the awards in your aid package to eliminate the overaward.

Here are the steps that the Financial Aid Office will take to correct an overaward:

1. We will determine whether or not the student has increased financial need that was not anticipated at the time of the award and/or loan application.

2. If no increased need is demonstrated, and/or the student’s total aid still exceeds his or her need, we will cancel any undisbursed loans and/or return loan funds to the lender if the disbursement has already been made.

3. If the student has no loans or the student’s aid still exceeds the student’s need after all loans have been canceled, we will reduce institutional grants and/or scholarship aid.

4. If the student has received aid at another school during the same payment period, we will cancel the aid according to Title IV regulation requirements.