Resources for Students Facing Homelessness

CCD’s goal is to support you as a student — regardless of your living situation.

Unaccompanied Student Support Services

The goal of the Unaccompanied Student Support Services (USSS) program is to support the educational goals of our transitioning homeless students, as well as provide human services support through mentoring, guidance, advising, financial aid, and housing support for students who meet the criteria. CCD has a designated SPOC (single point of contact), whose goal is to help our homeless, or unaccompanied youth, qualify for financial aid in the absence of their parents' tax information and family support.

Get the Support of USSS

Contact CCD's Office of Student Life to find out if you are eligible to participate in the USSS program. You will be assigned to a human service peer mentor, who will stay in weekly contact, schedule in-office meetings, and offer the necessary peer-to-peer coaching, support and resources you need until you find adequate housing.

Also, CCD will provide care packages and assistance with books.

Financial Aid - Single Point of Contact

For help applying for financial aid for college, CCD has a designated single point of contact (SPOC) in the Financial Aid Office. The purpose of providing a SPOC is to help unaccompanied youth qualify for financial aid in the absence of your parents' tax information and/or family support. CCD’s SPOC is Asia Abeyta, Assistant Director of Customer Service Financial Aid.

Completing CCD's Application for Admission / Colorado Residency Requirements

If you are under 22 years of age and you do not have access to parent or guardian information to complete the application for admission to CCD, you can insert "unaccompanied" in the field requesting a parent's name.

Contact Michelle Garcia if you'd like assistance with the process. Colorado residency information is available online and in the Office of Registration & Records.