How Do I Pay for My Books?

About the Book Advance Program

The CCD book advance program gives you an advance on your CCD financial aid funds at the beginning of the semester so you can buy your books in time for classes. This is an advance of your expected CCD financial aid credit balance (refund) and will be deducted from your first disbursement of financial aid when your funds are released to pay your tuition balance after Census Date for the term.

If you are eligible, your book advance will be deposited automatically to your selected refund preference. To qualify, you must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress and must have a complete financial aid file, including enough accepted financial aid to cover your balance due, at least one month before classes start.

The book advance program ends after the first week of classes for the term.

To be eligible for a book advance, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in six or more credit hours at CCD or have a Federal Pell Grant scheduled award at CCD for the term.
  • All requested forms must be submitted and disbursement requirements must be met 30 days prior to the first day of classes. Students completing your CCD financial aid files closer than 30 days to the beginning of the term are served on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Have an expected financial aid refund that is greater than $50 for the term (total authorized financial aid minus tuition/fees due to CCD).
  • Not be Ineligible for Aid based on satisfactory academic progress status.

Note: “authorized aid” is aid that is ‘ready’ to pay but the scheduled disbursement date has not yet arrived. First-time student loan borrowers subject to the mandatory 30-day hold on their loan funds will be included as having ‘authorized’ loans.

You do not need to apply for the book advance. If you meet all the eligibility criteria, CCD will send funds to your BankMobile account automatically. You can check your account to verify delivery of these funds.  If you see a charge on your tuition bill labeled "Book Advance," this confirms that your book advance has been sent to BankMobile to be released into your bank account.

As your financial aid is processed, you become eligible for the book advance. Funds may be available as early as the first week of classes or the week prior (based on eligibility). The business office will also notify you when the advance is placed in your account.

How Much Money Will I Get?

  • The maximum amount of the book advance is $500; the minimum book advance amount is $50. The amount of your book advance depends on the number of financial aid funds available to you.
  • You may purchase books/supplies with your book advance using the account you selected when setting up your refund preferences through BankMobile.

Book advances will result in an increase in your tuition bill. When CCD financial aid funds are disbursed after the add/drop period, the book advance charge will be paid by your financial aid, along with your tuition and fees balance. The remaining credit balance refund will be deposited to your account via BankMobile.

How Do I Get My Book Advance Funds?

Your book advance will automatically be sent to your bank account based on the refund preferences you set up with BankMobile. CCD disburses financial aid funds after the standard 15-week term add/drop period each semester (Census Date). The end of the add/drop period is defined as the last day to receive a 100 percent tuition and fee refund for the standard term.

After disbursement, any credit balance refund available to you will be posted to your BankMobile account.

How Do I Check My Balance?

To view the amount of your book advance, log into CCDConnect. It will be listed as a charge on your tuition/fees bill under the Student Finance tab. You may view your financial aid award under the Student Finance tab of CCDConnect as well.

How Do I Become Ineligible to Use the Book Advance?

If your classes are dropped or you do not attend your courses, or if your eligibility for financial aid changes, you may become ineligible for a book advance. If you have been given a book advance and then you become ineligible for the funds, you are obligated to repay the book advance back to CCD.