Cashier's FAQs

Helpful Answers to Your Top Questions

What does that mean to have a credit balance on my billing statement?

If your tuition billing statement shows a credit balance and amount due, please check CCDConnect for more detail information or call the Cashier’s Office.

I lost my BankMobile card; how do I order a new one?

You can contact BankMobile to order a new one.

I have been awarded more financial aid than my total tuition bill; how do I pay using my financial aid? Will it automatically be deducted?

Your financial aid will automatically pay into the Cashier's Office and you will be refunded the remaining (if any).

I do not want to open a BankMobile account; how do I opt to have an ACH?

BankMobile will mail and email you a personal code to set up direct deposit online.

The Nelnet Business Solution-NBS states I have a negative amount due; what does that mean?

The negative balance generally means you should have enough aid to cover your tuition and should not need to set up a payment plan.

I do not want to set up a BankMobile account; is that an option?

Yes, you can use your personal code BankMobile Disbursements sent you in the mail or by email to set up ACH for your refund.

I have a negative balance on my BankMobile account; how do I pay that?

You can contact BankMobile to pay your negative balance.

I still need to pay for last semester's classes; can I use this upcoming semester's aid to pay for that?

Your past due debt has to be paid in full before you can register for current and future semester’s classes. You cannot use future aid to cover an old debt.