Mission & Learning Outcomes

How We Can Help You

Our mission is “to serve the diverse career development needs of CCD students by providing lifelong career skills development and education in order to be successful in an ever-changing job market.”

CTC will help you “explore, experience, and embark” by

  • developing a better understanding of themselves, including your interests, personality, and strengths,
  • connecting you to an appropriate career and academic major path,
  • helping to increase your engagement and ownership regarding your career planning,
  • gaining access to accurate and timely information regarding career and academic major options, and by
  • developing tools that will help you make connections with employers for jobs and experiential learning opportunities.

The CDC is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and complies with its “Principles of Professional Practice.”

Career/Major Exploration

Goal: To assist our students in choosing a major and/or career path during their first year at CCD.

Learning to Create Resume/Cover Letters

Goal: To assist our students in finding part-time/work-study jobs to assist in their educational and career goals.

Helping Students Find Part-time or Work-Study Positions

Goal: Our students will be able to articulate the process of finding positions on and off campus.