The AC has a variety of services, resources and reasonable accommodations available for those CCD students with documented disabilities who request them.

  • Sign language and oral interpreting
  • Accessibility to campus classes, programs and activities
  • Alternative media production for textbooks and class materials
  • Note taking
  • Use of assistive technology with training
  • Consultation with instructors
  • Test accommodations
  • Classroom furniture assistance
  • Parking and transportation information
  • Tutor referral
  • Universal Design training for staff

Unfortunately, CCD is not able to offer the following services:

  • Psycho-educational diagnostic assessments
  • Self-contained classes
  • Asking faculty to compromise the quality of instruction or evaluation or class standards
  • Modifications to curriculum
  • Personal devices or assistance for student personal use
  • Orientation and mobility training for the blind

CCD's AC is here to support your success! If you need to request an accommodation, please contact your accessibility specialist each semester to make your request.