Women Intentional about Success & Excellence (WISE)

About WISE

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Five young women at graduation in caps and gowns

The Women Intentional about Success and Excellence Program (WISE) provides professional and leadership development, facilitates social engagement, and assists with establishing the support essential to degree completion for women attending Community College of Denver (CCD).

WISE encompasses the CCD mission statement, striving to create space and opportunity for continued growth — ensuring participants are well prepared to "Go Anywhere" and achieve the personal success they desire. As a WISE participant, you will stand out on campus as a woman who is committed to excellence, determined to break through barriers and build community as you accomplish your goals. The WISE program is designed with your success in mind.


Women who are enrolled at CCD are eligible to participate in the WISE program. It's that simple!

Apply to the WISE Program

Become a WISE member today. As a member, you will receive the following resources and support:

  • Academic Support    
  • Access to Resources
  • Leadership Development    
  • Self-Advocacy / Empowerment
  • Professional Development    
  • Networking Opportunities    
  • Cultural Exposure
  • A Strong Support System on Campus    
  • Access to Scholarships

First Steps

*Applicants are notified of their acceptance to the WISE program via an acceptance letter along with an acceptance email.