Denver Scholars

Denver Scholars Program is designed for students who are receiving a scholarship from CCD or the Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF). All CCD scholarship recipients are mandated to participate in a support program and this support program accepts any and all scholars!

All DSF candidates and current DSF scholarship recipients are required to participate in this program throughout your duration at CCD or the scholarship will be revoked. To apply to the program, visit the Denver Scholarship Foundation website or contact Citlalith Medrano or Cynthia R. Gallegos.

As a member, you will have access to the following resources.

Educational Planning

  • Educational Counseling, Support, & Advocacy
  • Career Exploration
  • Academic Advising, Course Selection, & Registration
  • Create a Class-by-Class Guide to Earning Your Degree/Certificate

Financial Aid

  • DSF Reapplication Assistance
  • Assistance with Completing the FAFSA
  • Help with Completing Any Missing Documents
  • Scholarship Searches

If you have questions regarding the DSF program, find important deadlines and more information on the Denver Scholarship Foundation website or contact: Citlalith Medrano or Cynthia R. Gallegos

Confluence Building Rm 123 Academic Advising Office


“The first principle of success is desire — knowing what you want. Desire is the planting of your seed.” ~ Robert Collier

The Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) suggests you join SEED (Students-Empowered-Educated-Determined) if you are interested in transferring to the University of Colorado Denver or to Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Made possible by the Mordecai Family Foundation, SEED is part of DSF and was designed to help you with your path to a bachelor’s degree here on the Auraria Campus — starting at CCD and transferring to the Metropolitan State University of Denver or the University of Colorado Denver.

SEED will help you successfully transfer with

  • an assigned university transfer advisor to assist you with the transferring process,
  • application completion assistance and the application fees waived,
  • tours of the Universities,
  • registration assistance,
  • degree planning, and
  • tutoring & peer mentoring.

SEED Campus Contact

Cynthia R. Gallegos