Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

What is the advising model for CCD?

CCD's advising model is designed to better serve our students with a one-student, one-advisor framework. You will ideally meet with one academic advisor throughout your entire academic career at CCD.

What is a pathway?

All programs and majors at CCD have been organized into seven advising pathways, each with their own academic advising experts. Once you have declared a major or degree, you can identify your pathway and will be assigned to an advisor in your pathway.

What won't my advisors do for me?

Advisors will not fill out forms for you, choose a major for you, follow up with you on a daily basis, or register you into classes. If you need an appointment to discuss next semester’s classes, get questions answered or discuss issues, it is your responsibility to contact your advisor.

How do I find my advisor?

Look at DegreeWorks to see who your assigned advisor is and/or connect with us at the Cyber Center for assistance (Confluence Building, room 123 or call 303.556.2481).

Will I be assigned to an advisor?

Yes, depending on your program/degree you will be assigned within the appropriate pathway. Please be aware that some continuing students may be reassigned to a new academic advisor.

If I do not know what I want to study or have not declared a degree, who do I see?

If you are undeclared and do not know who your advisor is, we ask you to connect with our office for assistance (Confluence Building, room 123 or call 303.556.2481). We will have a conversation with you to get more information as to your educational goals and you will be assigned to an advisor from there.

Who do I see if I am an international, ESL or high school/concurrent enrollment student taking CCD classes?

  • All ESL students should contact their assigned advisor.  If you are not sure who your advisor is, you can contact the Academic Advising & Student Success Center at 303.556.2481.  
  • International students may contact Kobra Rezaeikhah, the international academic advisor, as you transition into CCD, but will be moved to your pathway advisor shortly after initial contacts.
  • Concurrent enrollment students may contact Brandon Protas, the College Pathways Director.