Degrees with Designation

What Are DWDs?

As a CCD student, you may follow a prescribed program path, which will allow you to transfer your degrees or programs and enroll as juniors in any Colorado public four-year program. 

Degrees with Designation

Anthropology, Art History, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, English (Literature emphasis), Fermentation Science, French, Geography, Geology, History, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology (both AA and AS), Sociology, Spanish, Studio Art, and Theater.

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. Course substitutions are not permitted with any Statewide Transfer Articulation Plan.

NOTE: Students who have taken prerequisite courses longer than seven years ago are strongly encouraged to take an assessment test over the prerequisite material to ensure adequate prior knowledge to be successful in future courses. The outcome of the assessment test will help the student determine whether or not he or she needs to re-take the prerequisite course. The assessment test is available in the CCD Testing Center.

For Health Science degrees, because of program accreditation requirements, students must have completed all science courses within the previous seven years before the first day of class in a health program.

Visit the Course Catalog in These Areas to Learn More

Program Name Degree Type
Anthropology Designation AA
Art History Designation AA
Art - Studio Art Designation AA
Biology Designation AS
Business Designation AA
Chemistry Designation AS
Communication Designation AA
Criminal Justice Designation AA
Early Childhood Teacher Education Designation AA
Economics Designation AA
Elementary Education Designation AA
English-Literature Emphasis Designation AA
Fermentation Science Designation AS
French Designation AA
Geology Designation AS
Geography Designation AA
History Designation AA
Mathematics Designation AS
Music Designation AA
Philosophy Designation AA
Physics Designation AS
Political Science Designation AA
Psychology Designation AA
Psychology Designation AS
Sociology Designation AA
Spanish Designation AA
Theater Designation AA