Incident Reporting Guide


Our office strives to assist faculty, staff, and the entire college community with students in distress. Student behavior issues need to be addressed by the college as a whole in order to provide a consistent, equitable, and transparent process. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Student Code of Conduct and follow the procedures already in place to guide you.

In Case of an Emergency Call 911 or Auraria Police, 303.556.5000

Know How to Recognize & Respond to Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive behavior is any behavior that causes disruption to lesson plans and office operations. Such interactions affect the whole classroom community and may provide a hostile learning environment for faculty and students. Faculty members should not tolerate such behavior. Please report this behavior, as it may also manifest in other classrooms, or lead to larger confrontations.

What Does Disruptive Behavior Look Like?

  • Loud, argumentative comments and accusations
  • Inappropriate and unprofessional language
  • Questions and interruptions that are off-topic
  • Repeated/harassing interruptions
  • Physical dissatisfactions (slamming doors/books)
  • Failure to abide by instruction from College officials
  • Threatening or intimidating glances and gestures

Strategies to Follow

  • Make your classroom behavior expectations clear through your syllabus and consistent enforcement.
  • Do not ignore disruptions and hope for a spontaneous resolution.
  • Ask to meet with the student immediately and privately to discuss concerns. We recommend following up in email with written documentation of what you discussed.
  • Report concerning and/or repeated behavior to the Office of Student Conduct.
  • Keep our office in the loop with a ‘report only’ incident report (available under the main incident report page). This option acknowledges you are handling the situation, but want us to be aware should it escalate.

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