Business Chinese | Non-Credit 10-Week Class

The CCD Confucius Institute invites you to a new non-credit, 10-week class: Experiencing Chinese.

No previous Chinese language experience required. Just a desire to learn about the culture and basic communication skills for Chinese business.

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Please contact Jane Lim, director of CICCD


Instructor | Fan Jiang

  • Basic Chinese knowledge and skills that is applicable to your commercial activities;
  • Communicative ability appropriate to the Chinese environment. You'll be able to understand the essentials of Chinese economic circumstances and rules for business performance, including trade, investment, cooperation and management of enterprises; and
  • Competence for cross-cultural communication in the context of economic and cooperative interchange — a wide range of knowledge of business customs and rules in addition to the background information of Chinese culture.
  • The textbook contains 8 units, 498 words, 69 sentence patterns; every unit includes four parts: dialogues, reading passages, vocabulary and patterns, exercises and activities. We will select the proper words and patterns that suit the beginning level of Chinese for the students. By completing this course, students may attain an elementary level of Chinese or higher.

Standard Competencies

It is appropriate to design the teaching of business Chinese in three-in-one training pattern that combines the language as a carrier with commercial activities and cross-cultural knowledge. Such skills to be used in language communication may be provided at four levels in ascending order:

  • Ability to use appropriate expressions on the polite social occasion of reception, greeting, introduction, apology and congratulation).
  • Ability to use appropriate expressions for shopping, traveling, bus riding, telephoning and appointment making.
  • Ability to use appropriate expressions for commercial activities such as giving a brief account of a company or product, getting or giving a quotation, comment or statement.
  • Ability to use appropriate expressions in consulting, negotiating, bargaining, writing or revising a plan, discussing a way to cooperate, making a comment on a subject in addition to analyzing and sorting out problems.

Required Course Materials

  • Textbook: TBA
  • Chinese-English Dictionary (you can find one in the Tivoli Station bookstore or Confucius Institute)
  • A notebook for homework or exercise
  • A notebook for class notes

Class Location

Cherry Creek Building, Room 227A
1111 West Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80204


Wednesdays | 6 - 7:30 p.m.
May 1st - July 3, 2019

The class is one, low payment of $150.00 and is due by April 26, 2019.

Paying with Check

Make check payable to Community College of Denver

Mail to:  Confucius Institute at Community College of Denver, P.O. Box 173363, Campus Box 850, Denver, CO 80204-3363

Paying with Credit Card

To pay with credit card, please call CCD's Cashier's Office at 303.352.6025 (please reference “Confucius Institute Class”)


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