Students & Parents

College Pathways to Success

You can take CCD classes through concurrent enrollment both at your high school and/or at one of CCD’s campus locations (most students attend courses on the Auraria Campus).

The Path: Concurrent -> ASCENT -> & Beyond

By planning ahead, you can earn 12 or more college credits that align with a program of study — all before you graduate high school. You could then participate in the ASCENT program to take a full year of classes through this first-year college program. You may then qualify for the ABC Post-ASCENT Scholarship to complete your associate degree at CCD and then transfer to a four-year college or university if you would like to earn a bachelor’s degree.

You can complete all or just a part of this program. Either way, concurrent enrollment is THE BEST way to get a head start on your college career at little or no cost!

Concurrent enrollment classes are available to all students, regardless of immigration status and CCD welcomes DREAMers to participate in this program. 


  • Efficient transfer from high school to college
  • Accelerate your college career earning certificates and degrees
  • College courses at no cost to you!
  • Confidence to succeed in higher education
  • Take courses both at your high school and at the CCD campus
  • Access to college tutoring, advising, labs, and library

Getting Started

Notification: Students interested in taking concurrent enrollment courses should first speak with their high school counselor as the registration process, eligibility, and permission may vary at each school. 

Your high school counselor will work with you on the actual steps for registration. You will not directly register for CCD classes; the College Pathways office completes this process due to college coding requirements in the college records system. 

To participate in concurrent enrollment, please be ready to complete the following steps:

  • CCD Application for Admission to receive an S-number (student ID)
  • College Opportunity Fund (COF) application
  • Complete & sign the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement & Registration forms (Obtain these from your high school counselor.)
  • Meet the prerequisites and/or co-requisites for the course, which may include placement test scores and/or completed previous coursework. Specific information on prerequisites can be found in the CCD catalog.
  • If you have questions about the number of courses you can take, please speak with your high school counselor or the College Pathways office.

Students who take classes at CCD campuses must make an individual appointment with the College Pathways advisor to register for classes. Additional deadlines may apply. Please contact your high school counselor or the College Pathways office for more information.

Billing Information and Cost of Participation

Because districts and schools pay the student tuition for concurrent enrollment, there should be little to no costs to students and families. Students should apply for the College Opportunity Fund, which is not covered by districts or schools and if this is not successfully connected to your account, you will be responsible for this charge. Students may also be responsible for the cost of books or course-specific / material fees (e.g., art supplies), so please check with your high school for their policy on this. Concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to receive federal financial aid until after they graduate from high school.

Additional Fees

  • Concurrent Enrollment Students: No Additional Fees Apply
  • ASCENT Students: Additional Fees May Apply
  • 5th Year Early College: Additional Fees May Apply

Notification: If you receive a bill from CCD and have questions, please contact the College Pathways office.

Student Standards

It’s important to understand that concurrent enrollment courses meet the same academic standards and policies as all CCD courses in alignment with both the Higher Learning Commission and the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships.

Concurrent enrollment courses at your high school use the same syllabus, book, academic outcomes, instructional practices, and grading policies as classes at the CCD Campus. You should be prepared for meeting the expectations for college-level rigor in these classes, whether they are taught at the high school or at one of CCD’s campus locations.

Though parents/guardians may have access to a student’s records under secondary FERPA policy, CCD recommends that students communicate directly with your instructors and staff about educational concerns in person and through D2L. This is an important aspect of concurrent enrollment: students advocating for themselves in the same way as college students.

Important College Standards and Resources for Concurrent Enrollment Students

Concurrent enrollment students are treated as college students and with this comes added benefits and responsibilities. As a college student, you follow the same academic standards as all CCD students. This includes standards for academic integrityacademic progressgrading, attendance and student code of conduct. Please take the time to read through these policies so that you know what is expected of you as a student, especially as these may be different than some of the policies that you are used to following as a high school student.

As a college student, you will have access to the official college online portal. Your CCD email can be accessed through this portal and can also be forwarded to a personal account. You can also find important information regarding your classes, degree plan, and more here. Additionally, you are able to access Desire 2 Learn (D2L), the learning management system, from within CCDConnect. D2L is used by CCD professors for a variety of purposes, including posting syllabi, attendance, grades, important news, calendars, sharing content and resources, hosting quizzes and discussion threads, and allowing students to submit their work through a dropbox which can also check for plagiarism. You can find quick guides for both CCDConnect and D2L, including information on how to log in.

CCD wants to make sure you have all of the tools and resources needed to succeed. With this in mind, concurrent enrollment students are able to benefit from the student support services available to all CCD students, including tutoring and library privileges. For full information, please see the CCD full catalog.