Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI) Grant

Community College of Denver is working to help parents and guardians who are eager to complete a certificate in a high-demand field.

The Strengthening Working Families Initiative provides assistance in locating quality childcare options and discussing funding options. A personalized coach helps with balancing life, work, and school, and planning for a satisfying career. Space is limited.

This program helps parents and guardians of young children access certificates and careers in high-demand industries: advanced manufacturing, healthcare, information technology. Supported programs are subject to change.

Career Pathways Credits Semesters
Strengthening Working Families Initiative Certificates
Nurse Aide 5 1
Medical Assistant (current CCD students only) 49 3-4
Food, Nutrition & Wellness 8 1
Business Technology (Administrative Professional in General Business, Healthcare)
Office Assistant 19 2
Administrative Professional 34 3
Healthcare Administrative Professional 34 3
Computer Technology 16 1
Network Security 25 2
Computer Technology in Healthcare 25 2
Cyber Security 27 4
Computer Services & Support 31 2-3
Machining (Basic, Intermediate) 23-29 2-3
CNC Machine Tool Operator 41 3
Industrial Maintenance Technologies 41 3
Welding (Basic, Intermediate) 17-29 1-3

All SWFI services are provided free of charge if you are accepted into the program.


  •  You are 17 years of age or older
  •  You have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED)
  •  You are the parent or a guardian of a child under 14 years of age
  •  You are eligible to work in the United States (must have a social security number), DACA accepted
  •  You are able to successfully complete the application and meet the readiness standards
  •  You plan to complete a certificate and start working in one of the following high-demand, high-growth fields: healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing

Connect with Us

To learn more and apply to the program, please visit the SWFI home page and complete the interest form. Our SWFI team can help you find a qualified childcare provider and help you complete your CCD credential to find work and start a career.

The Strengthening Working Families Initiative is funded by the Department of Labor and Employment

SWFI is part of a national study to measure if offering students extra supports, together with skills training, helps them to complete training and find employment. Support services and space in specific training are limited. Eligible applicants will be chosen by a computerized lottery.