Return-to-Campus Guidelines

These guidelines have been created to protect the health and safety of our campus communities, which includes Auraria, the Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC), and the Lowry Center for Health Sciences. 

  1. Watch the Community College of Denver Safe Return to Campus video before visiting any CCD locations
  2. Complete the COVID Check-In Form each day that you plan to come to any of CCD's locations. This form may be accessed at 
  3. Make sure you have your CCD student/staff ID available and visible.

Daily Health Check 

  • All employees and students will be required to perform a self-check and symptom monitoring before they may visit the campus, every day that they intend to visit campus. 
  • If any staff, faculty, or student are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.

Not Feeling Well 

  • Do not come to campus if you are experiencing symptoms. If you have an employee or student who comes to campus sick, please send them home. 
  • If you are not feeling well, you should self-quarantine immediately and report immediately to HR and the Auraria Health Center if you’ve had suspected exposure to COVID-19 for contact tracing (this will be handled discretely). 
  • Health information and monitoring are available through the Health Center at Auraria for those who experience symptoms. 

Facial Coverings 

All employees and students must wear facial coverings: 

  • Any indoor space on campus, including lobbies, hallways, bathrooms, break rooms, and any open office space with multiple workstations, if there are other individuals present 
  • Any outdoor space on campus where there is a potential to encounter another individual and social distancing cannot be maintained  
  • Accommodations can be requested through HR for employees and through the Accessibility Center for students 
  • If you are a student who is experiencing symptoms, and/or needs temporary accommodations, please contact your instructor(s).  
  • If you do not receive any response from your instructor or you require additional leniency beyond what instructor(s) provide, please contact the CARE Team, at 303.352.6445. 

Facial coverings (defined) 

  • Can be a cloth covering over the face and mouth, which can include a purchased or homemade mask, scarf, bandana, gaiter, or handkerchief 
  • Must cover nose and mouth 
  • Face shield 
  • Employees and students are encouraged to bring their own mask
  • CCD will provide a limited number to individuals that forget to bring one 

Building Access 

  • There will be a single door entry for the Cherry Creek and Confluence buildings. Even if you have swipe card access, enter through this single door so we can track how many people are in our buildings at one time.   
  • To enter any building on CCD’s campuses, CCD staff and students must show their CCD ID. Lanyards will be provided to all employees, please see your office administrator to get yours. Once you have a lanyard, please always wear it with your ID on campus. Lanyards will be available for students from the Office of Student Life.   
  • There will be building ambassadors to greet you as you enter the building. You will be asked whether you completed your daily home health check and that you are COVID-19 symptom-free. No-touch thermometers will be available for your use if you have not taken your temperature before leaving home. 
  • Our facilities team has implemented enhanced cleaning protocols and is working with office leads to ensure staggered work schedules and appropriate barriers and PPE is available. 

Replacement IDS 

  • Replacement IDs will be provided for those who have lost their original ID at no cost to the employee or student.  
  • If you will be returning to campus during the month of July and need a replacement ID, please reach out to your supervisor to get the appropriate documentation.  
  • Visit the Tivoli Station Bookstore to get your new ID.  
  • If you will be returning to campus in August or later, please stay tuned for an online process that is in development. 
  • If you are a student enrolled in summer classes, please take a photo ID and a copy of your class schedule to the Tivoli Station Bookstore to have an ID made. 
  • If you’re not currently enrolled in summer classes but are a work-study student, fill out the Auraria Campus ID Authorization Charge Form with your supervisor, and take it, along with a photo ID to the Tivoli Station Bookstore to have an ID made. 

Social Distancing 

  • Social distancing of 6 feet (7’ 10” center-on-center when measuring) should always be practiced 
  • When possible, avoid having staff sit in adjacent cubicles to ensure there is adequate social distancing  
  • Avoid meeting with customers/students in closed office spaces 
  • All meetings will continue to be conducted virtually using Webex 


  • Signage will direct employees, students and visitors to the entry points for the Cherry Creek and Confluence Buildings on the Auraria Campus - access to the buildings will be limited to these locations.  


All deans/directors will need to ensure their area(s) follow these guidelines:  

  • Employees found not following guidelines will be reported to their supervisor and to the director of human resources.  
  • Students found not following guidelines will be reported to student conduct. 
  • Visitor noncompliance on the Auraria campus should be reported to Auraria Campus designated officials. 

If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor. 

Have a safe and healthy semester!