Health Sciences - Dental Hygiene Program Application

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Program Application Dates & Deadlines

Dental Hygiene  |  September 1st - December 1st, Midnight

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To apply to Dental Hygiene program, please complete the form below in its entirety. 

This application requires you to have read and successfully completed the steps to enrollment found on the Dental Hygiene Apply to the Program page.  We have recently updated the forms that you must upload into the application.  If you have filled out these forms prior to the application opening (September 1st), you will need to fill out the newer forms and submit these instead.  If you have not completed the appropriate forms, scanned them, titled them and uploaded them into your computer, please do so now, before you start completing this online application.

Please note: You cannot start this form and come back to it. Please allow time to complete the form in its entirety.

Applicant Information

You will receive an email notification at this address after you have completed this form.

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Important Information

If you have not read the important information section on the Dental Hygiene Apply to the Program page, please do so now and confirm you have read it fully here.