Develop Your Math Skills

We're Here to Help!

If numbers have not been your strength in the past, we're here to help you develop your math skills. Our faculty is dedicated to guiding you towards a new relationship with math and assisting you in developing the confidence and excitement you need to learn mathematical concepts. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! We help our students develop confidence and excitement about learning through a process of active learning leading to a full understanding of mathematical concepts. Developmental math classes and our faculty will help you build a foundation of basic skills. 

Get Additional Help from a Tutor

The Math Zone in the Excel Zone is open to all students who are enrolled in any CCD math course. Located on the fourth floor of the Confluence Building, the labs are open Monday through Friday. Tutors, instructors, and some individual computer programs are available to help with class assignments.

Math Textbooks & Online Homework

Textbooks can be found at the Auraria bookstore located in the Tivoli Building on campus. Many of our math classes require an online homework platform, such as MyMathLab, that you may be required to purchase. Purchasing access to MyMathLab will also give you access to the online eBook for your course. MyMathLab does provide a 21-day temporary access code for students to use if your financial aid award has not yet been applied. This 21-day temporary access code can be accessed when you sign in to MyMathLab.

Be sure to ask your instructor the details of which book and/or online program are required for your class.