Apply to the Phlebotomy Certification Program

Steps to a Successful Enrollment

The following information describes steps to enrollment and includes forms you will need to print, complete, and submit to be accepted into the Phlebotomy certificate program. Please email Corey Dennis with any questions.

Step 1. Enroll in CCD

In order to register for the phlebotomy program, you must be a current CCD student. If you have not done so yet, please complete the free CCD application. When completing the application, enter either, non-degree seeking, or, undeclared, as the program option (you may not self-select the phlebotomy program as an option).

Step 2. Complete Medical History

Complete the required medical forms for the Auraria Health Center. (MMR and Hepatitis B/Declination form will be required for both the Auraria Health Center and the Phlebotomy Program)

Record of immunity to the following (all are required for entrance into the phlebotomy program):

  • MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella)
  • Hepatitis B/Declination Form
  • Varicella (chickenpox)
  • Negative 2-step PPD skin test/Clear chest x-ray/QuantiFERON Gold blood test
  • Flu Vaccination (during flu season October to March)

While completing your phlebotomy application, you will need to email these records along with the completed application to Corey Dennis. If you have submitted your immunization record to the health center and did not keep a copy for yourself to email with the application, you can go to the Plaza building, office 149, located on the Auraria Campus to request a copy of your records.

Note: All CCD students must complete the MMR vaccination forms. If not, the immunizations office has the capacity to place a hold on your student account and you will not be able to register for any classes. In addition, if you are an MSU Denver or CU Denver student, inform the Auraria Health Center that you are now a CCD student and they will transfer your profile to CCD, thereby meeting this requirement.

Step 3. Background Check (BGC)

CCD's phlebotomy program requires that a background check and drug screen is completed prior to your admittance into the program. Please read the disqualifying offenses before applying to the program.

You may access this background check and drug screen at the Colorado Community College System’s CastleBranch website. Once you have ordered and paid for your background check and drug screen, you will be contacted by the phlebotomy program upon approval/denial. You will then be given information regarding the next steps in the application process. Read the Disqualifying Criminal Offenses here.

You will need to email the confirmation page of the background check and drug screen with your application. 

Step 4. Minimum Test Scores or Previous Education Requirements

To be accepted into the phlebotomy program, you must determine your math and/or english course placement. This is defined as the following: obtain the scores indicated in the chart below, by either taking the placement test, taking the Gateway College English Questionnaire, meeting the ACT/SAT score requirements or by submitting transcripts that show previous college classes to CCD’s Testing Center. Please follow the instructions from their office if you have previously taken college classes or meet the minimum scores on the SAT/ACT. The Testing Center will be able to waive your scores or college credits so that you will be able to register for classes.

Use this chart as a guide if you have completed the classes below, taken the placement test, or ACT/SAT.

PLACEMENT SCORE - OR 80 or higher 95 or higher
SAT SCORE 440 440

Step 5. Program of Study Change Request Form

You will need to fill out a Program of Study Change Request Form. Print out a copy and then fill out the top portion only on page one. Sign the form, then scan a copy to your email address and save this to your hard drive.  (DO NOT TAKE A SNAPSHOT of the form. This is not accepted by the Admissions department). Then, include with your application.

Step 6. Complete the Phlebotomy Application

After you have completed the first six steps, you may begin your phlebotomy application. Once your application is complete please email the application along with vaccination records to

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please be sure your application contains all of the documents that are required. We will notify you through your CCD student email address. Check your email frequently so that you do not miss out on any information or notifications about the program.

Final Steps

After the program manager has reviewed your online application, you will be notified of your status in the phlebotomy program. Those accepted into the program will also receive instructions on your next steps, including some of the following:

  • HPR 112 and HPR 180 must be paired together.
  • Register and pay for your classes. To set up a payment plan, please contact Cashier's Office at 303.556.2075.
  • Attend orientation.
  • Obtain Phlebotomy textbook at Auraria Bookstore.