Apply to the Program

Applications to the Dental Hygiene Program  Applications for fall 2021 are now closed. Review the information below to help you prepare your application.

The steps listed below are a guide to assist you in the application process. Please read each step carefully. Gather the appropriate documents (signed and saved on your computer) before you may begin the online application (see Step 12). Please contact our office with any questions throughout this process. We're here to assist you with your application.

Please save and name all documents before uploading them into the application using the following format: Last Name – Document Name. For example, in Step 1, the document would be named: Smith – Check List. All documents must be saved as a PDF.

Step 1. Download the Check-List

Use this checklist to help you keep track of your application documents. This form must be signed, dated and uploaded to submit with your online application (see Step 12).

Step 2. Enroll in CCD

You must be a current CCD student to apply and enroll in the dental hygiene program. If you have not yet applied to CCD, please do so. The CCD application is free. Please select the Associate of General Studies as the degree option.

When completing the online application (see Step 12), you will be asked to provide your Student ID (S number). Please save your S# once you have completed your CCD enrollment.

Step 3. Prerequisites

  • Use the information below to determine which prerequisites you'll need to be accepted into the dental hygiene program.
  • Then, use the Prerequisite Course List to provide us with more details about the courses you have completed.
  • Once complete: scan, save, and upload the Prerequisite Course List document with your online application (see Step 12).

Before applying, you must meet the prerequisites for this program. CCD requires:

Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better required. Courses must be taken within 7 years of the start of the Program.

BIO 201 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIO 202 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIO 204* Microbiology  4
CHE 109* General, Organic & Biochemistry -*CHE 101 and 102 will compensate for CHE 109 4

Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better required. Courses good for a lifetime.

ENG 121* English Composition - *ENG 122 will compensate for ENG 121" 3
PSY 101* General Psychology I - *PSY 102, 226, 235, or 240 will compensate for PSY 101 3
SOC 101* Introduction to Sociology - *ANT101, SOC 102 or 218 will compensate for SOC 101 3
COM 115* Public Speaking - *COM 125 or 126 will compensate for COM 115 3


  • Determine course placement in math (for criteria, see or completion of equivalent level math course: MAT 120, 121, or 135.
  • All prerequisite courses must be completed during the fall semester of submission of the dental hygiene application to be considered
  • Courses taken more than once will be averaged if taken within two years of each other.
  • If completing prerequisites during the fall application semester, proof that you are enrolled in the course must be submitted with the application.

Step 4. Observations/Interview

Dental Hygiene Observation or Dental Hygienist Interview

This year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic applicants have a choice to complete EITHER the Dental Hygiene Observation or the Dental Hygienist Interview. Choose one option below and use the instructions provided to complete this step of the application. 

  • Regardless of current or past experiences, all applicants are required to observe at least three (3) separate dental hygienists (not dentists) for a minimum of four (4) hours each (total of 12 hours).
  • You must observe three different hygienists and we encourage you to have these observations occur at three separate offices.
  • Please be aware that offices submitted for observation hours will be contacted for verification.
  • After your observation is complete, all signatures and other pertinent information must be filled out on the Dental Hygiene Observation form.
  • Please scan the three signed copies of this form and submit each separately with your online application (see Step 12).

Dental Hygienist Interview Instructions

  • If you are unable to complete the observations, conduct an interview using the attached format with two (2) separate dental hygienists (not dentists). All questions on the Dental Hygienist Interview form must be asked and a recording of each interview must be submitted separately (max file size: 100 MB). Applicants must also submit a typewritten summary of the interview using the form provided.
  • Please submit a copy of each summary separately with your online application as well (see Step 12).

Step 5. Transcripts from Previous Education

  1. All applicants regardless of college or university attended, must submit an unofficial transcript for each college with your dental hygiene application. Only submit unofficial transcripts that pertain to the dental hygiene required prerequisites. When completing the online application (see Step 12), you will be asked to upload your unofficial transcript.
  2. You must also send official transcripts to the Office of Registration & Records, Campus Box 201, P.O. Box 173363, Denver, CO 80217. When completing the online application (see Step 12), you will be asked if you have successfully submitted your official transcript.

Step 6. Residency Status

If requesting Colorado residency status, you must scan, upload, and submit a copy of your Colorado Driver’s License or Colorado State Identification Card. If the license of ID was issued less than one year ago, other proof of Colorado residency must be submitted. If you have questions about this, please contact Mary Catherine Dean.

Please have this copy ready to submit with your online application (see Step 12).

Step 7. Previous Dental Experience

Dental assisting experience is not required for the Dental Hygiene program. However, applicants with prior dental assisting experience may provide documentation of their education or paid experience for consideration. Please provide either a copy of your dental assisting certificate and documentation of six months of employment in a dental office in the role of chairside or hygiene assistant or documentation of paid employment for six months or longer as a chairside or hygiene dental assistant. Dental employers should provide a letter on official letterhead documenting the individual’s duties and length of employment. The letter should be signed by the employer, scanned, and uploaded to submit with the online application.

Step 8. Estimate of Program Expenses

Complete the estimate of program expense form. Sign, scan and upload this document to submit with your online application.

Step 9. References

Applicants to the dental hygiene program must submit two structured professional references. Download and complete the reference form.

Reference letters need to be mailed to:

Attn: Dental Hygiene Program
1062 Akron Way
Denver, CO 80230

References may be included in the mailed packet only when the references are in a separate sealed envelope. All envelopes should have the reference's signature across the envelope seal

It is your responsibility to obtain and follow up with the persons providing the references. We recommend obtaining more than a minimum of two references to ensure this requirement is met.

Step 10. Biographical Profile

Complete the biographical profile.

Biographical Profiles will be evaluated and scored as part of the interview process. Please sign, scan, and upload this document to submit with the typewritten profile with your online application (see Step 12).

Step 11. Bloodborne Pathogens

Review, sign and date the Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens. Scan and upload this document to submit the form with your online application.

Step 12. Complete the Online Application

Once you have gathered, completed and saved each of the documents required for this application, you may begin and submit the Health Science's Dental Hygiene Program Application by clicking here.

Should you have any questions while completing this online form, please contact our office.

Finalized Application Notification

 After you have completed the steps above and submitted your completed online application, you will receive an email notification informing you of one of the following:

  • your application is complete and the specifics of the next step, or
  • your application does not meet the minimum qualifications to move forward, or
  • Your application is incomplete, you will be notified of outstanding items. NOTE: this may delay the review process and the consideration of your application.

Please note: Due to the large volume of applications received, we ask you do not contact our office inquiring about your application status. You will receive an email from us no later than January 15th, informing you if your application is complete or if we need additional information. Please wait for the arrival of this email before contacting our department.

Please Note:

The application review will occur in December. Once we have determined you meet the minimum GPA requirements (minimum GPA of a 3.0 in our required science prerequisites and a minimum of a 2.5 in our required general prerequisites), you will receive a notification to take the Health Occupational Aptitude Exam. You must be invited by our department to complete this exam.