Program Information

Admission to the BAS dental hygiene program is open throughout the year. However, applicants must apply the semester before they wish to enroll based on the published application deadline listed under Application Deadlines.

Admitted students are required to meet via phone or video conference with the Degree Completion Coordinator to develop a program plan to assist with the sequencing of coursework and schedule development.

Students will have a Faculty Advisor who is also the Degree Completion Coordinator, Rebecca McGruder. Specific program questions and development of the Program Plan are completed with Mrs. McGruder.

Students will contact the Health Sciences Advisor, Daniela Higgins, for issues related to course registration.

Application Deadlines

November 15 (Spring) | April 15 (Summer) | July 15 (Fall)

Class Size

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 25 students. Classes are offered based on enrollment and a minimum number of students must be enrolled in a course for it to be delivered.

Course Delivery & Success

Courses will be delivered either asynchronously or synchronously through CCD’s Desire to Learn (D2L) Learning Management System. Students enrolled in the BAS DEH program must be able to devote sufficient time each week to participate in their online course(s), discussions/activities, and complete required assignments.

As a student of this program, it will be imperative that you be self-directed in your learning and to establish high standards of professional and personal excellence. Attention to detail, motivation, and the ability to complete tasks within a specified timeframe are critical to success.

BAS Dental Hygiene Curriculum

  • A minimum of 120 credit hours must be earned to complete the BAS in Dental Hygiene degree completion program.
  • Transfer credit for coursework from a student’s entry-level dental hygiene A.S., A.A.S. or certificate program and prerequisites will be applied from institutions from which CCD can accept transfer credit.
  • As credit hours vary by institution, a consultation with the BAS Degree Completion Coordinator is advised to determine initial standing upon entry into CCD’s Dental Hygiene degree completion program.
  • MAT 135, Introduction to Statistics, is a graduation requirement. It can be taken prior to or during the BAS. If you have questions about when this course should be taken, please consult with the BAS Coordinator.
  • Transfer students must earn 25% or a minimum of 30 credit hours from CCD in order to earn the BAS in Dental Hygiene and graduate from CCD.
  • A minimum of 24 credit hours must be taken within the BAS Dental Hygiene curriculum at the 300/400-course level. Courses are listed below.
BAS Dental Hygiene Curriculum 
MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics 3
DEH 301 Advanced Careers in Dental Hygiene 3
DEH 302 Applied Dental Hygiene Research Methodologies 3
DEH 355 Social & Behavioral Determinants of Oral Health 3
DEH 326 Advanced Concepts in Oral Health Promotion & Community Planning  3
DEH 412 Teaching Strategies and Methods for the Dental Hygiene Educator 3
DEH 481 Dental Hygiene Internship I* 2
DEH 482 Dental Hygiene Internship II* 2
DEH 300/400 Electives Options (minimum of 7 credits)
DEH 387 - Dental Hygiene Leadership & Administration 3
DEH 479 - Diversity & Cultural Research: Relationship to the Delivery of Oral Health  3
DEH 347 - Dental Hygiene Business Administration 3

*Students enrolled in DEH 481, Dental Hygiene Internship I, and DEH 482, Dental Hygiene Internship II, must complete the BAS Dental Hygiene Student Internship Agreement.

Professional Associations

Students enrolled in the BAS program must be a member of the American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA). Student membership is available to BAS dental hygiene degree completion students.

In addition, students are encouraged to become a student member of either the American Association of Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD) or the American Association of Dental Education (ADEA). Both professional organizations offer opportunities for scholarship, continuing education, networking, career and educational advancement.  

BAS DEH students will be asked to reference these organizations for materials and/or support during their coursework.

Computer Requirements

To be successful in this program, basic computer skills are necessary, including proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word, communication via email, and use of the Internet.

Ready access to a computer with a stable internet connection is mandatory as all coursework will be completed online.