Dock Gallery

Dock Gallery is an on-campus art space that promotes education and engagement between student artists and the campus community. The Dock hosts a range of events with both student and outside artists, and with other CCD departments to create connections and to empower the emerging artist. All CCD students are encouraged to submit their work for selection.

Whether you are a studio major or not, if you are interested in having your work showcased in the Dock Gallery, contact the director, Danielle Bell.

Current Exhibition:

Spring 2021 Drawing II

This exhibition features the art of Sandy Guinn's Drawing II class. In Drawing II students learn about color theory, medium experimentation, and adding layers of meaning to art. Visit the Gallery Today.



Past Exhibitions:

A Mixed Up World

The Dock Gallery is proud to present “A Mixed Up World”, an exhibit showcasing the art of Denver-based artist, Christian Danson (Wall). Christian has been refining her painting ability since 2004. Visit the Virtual Gallery Today

The Art of Graphic Design

The Dock Gallery is proud to present "The Art of Graphic Design", an exhibition featuring two students in our Graphic Design program, Lawrence Benally and Alon Paul. Typically, art galleries and museums tend to exclude applied art, such as graphic design, for its perceived status as low art or craft.  Visit the virtual gallery today

Día de los Muertos Virtual Ofrenda

The Dock Gallery is proud to present this virtual ofrenda featuring sugar skulls from members of our community. Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a day of celebration for the people of Latin America, particularly in Mexico and Central America, and more recently for Mexican Americans. The celebration combines elements of indigenous Aztec rituals with elements of Catholicism to honor the dead. Visit the Virtual Ofrenda Today!

Annual Exquisite Corpse Showcase

The Dock Gallery is proud to bring you the 11th Annual Exquisite Corpse exhibition. Exquisite corpse, or cadavre exquis, was a group game invented in 1925 in Paris by Surrealist writers and artists. The game was meant to engage each participants unconscious mind, bringing together individual psyches to create a new whole meant to jar the players out of reality. Visit the Virtual Gallery Today!

The Body as Medium

This exhibit featured a collection of performance art pieces from Julie Cole's ART 207 classes. Performance art arose during the 1970s as a reaction against so-called "fine art." This is not a kind of art that hangs on a wall, or that can be collected in the traditional sense. Rather, it is a kind of art in which the human body is the medium. Visit the virtual gallery today.

GameCon 2020

This exhibit was created by students for Dan Schaefer's JOU 105 Mass Media and Culture classes. For the assignment, the students were asked to develop games to surface problems in Mass Media and Culture. Join us in celebrating student art by visiting the virtual gallery.

Above and Beyond the Self Portrait!

This exhibit was created by students for Sean Rozales' Digital Photography II class. For the assignment, the students were asked to create images of themselves that address their individual beliefs, conflicts, solutions, aspirations, dreams, visions, longings, and desires of all sorts. Join us in celebrating student art by visiting the virtual gallery

On Realism and Abstraction

Though realism, such as the work of Mariely Marquez-Lopez, and abstraction, such as the work of Maggy Manzo, are two styles on the opposite end of the artistic spectrum, they can be used to relay similar messages and insight into the human condition. Join us in celebrating student art by visiting the virtual gallery

Virtual Artist Demo

Artist Kate Woodliff O'Donnell teaches the art of colored pencils and hyperrealism virtually. Check it out at