Apply to the Radiologic Technology Education Program

Details of the Application Process

Use the information here to apply directly to the RTE associate degree program. Our office is here to assist you in any way possible, but it is your responsibility to read and follow each of the steps to enrollment carefully.

2021 Application Cycle Is December 1, 2020 through February 15, 2021

Please call 303.365.8300 if you have any questions.

Important Information

  • We accept approximately 25 students.
  • This is a 22-month, full-time, fully accredited program by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT), as well as the Higher Learning Commission. This means upon completion, you will be eligible to sit for the national registry examination offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).
  • Credits may also be used to transfer to all state universities and other universities of higher education.
  • Currently, first-year classes are offered Monday through Friday. Second-year didactic classes are also during the day with some scheduled evening and weekend clinical assignments.

The steps listed here are a guide to assist you in the application process. Please print out this check-off list and read each step carefully.

Please contact our office with any questions throughout this process. We're here to help!

Incomplete or late packets will not be considered for admission.

Please keep your own copies of all documentation submitted. Please contact our office for further instructions and or questions.

Step 1. Enroll in CCD

If you haven’t done so yet, you must be a current CCD student to enroll in this program. The CCD application is free. When you enroll, you will receive an email confirmation. Please include a copy of this email with your enrollment packet.

Please include your student S# and student email on your application, which you will receive after you become a CCD student.

Step 2. Transcripts & Prerequisites

The radiology program at CCD accepts transfer students from other programs on a case-by-case basis.

Students who are currently enrolled in a radiologic technology program (RTE) other than CCD, must be in good standing with that program. This is subject to prerequisite courses completed and transferred, as well as a successful background check and drug screen. This is also subject to clinical site availability. Only students from an accredited school, Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Joint Review Committee of Education of Radiologic Technologists (JRCERT), will be eligible for consideration.

  • Send official transcripts to CCD's Office of Registration & Records, if transferring prerequisite credits. Transcript evaluations take 7-10 business days to process, so please submit them early.
  • If credits were completed at CCD, we ask that you provide us with an unofficial transcript as well, so that we may process your application more quickly.

Currently taking prerequisite courses?

Please include a copy of your current schedule with your application packet. You may submit your program application while taking prerequisite courses. However, all prerequisite classes must be completed by the end of the spring semester prior to the start of the program.

  • ENG 121 or ENG 131
  • BIO 201 and BIO 202
  • MAT 121
  • Physics 105 is not required but highly recommended. Additional points are given to applicants who complete with a grade of B or higher. 
  • PSY 101 or PSY 235 or SOC 101

There is a time restriction for prerequisite math and science classes. Science classes must have been completed within seven (7) years of the July program start date. Math classes must have been completed within 10 years of the July program start date, CLEP scores will be accepted.

Step 3. Submit a Resume & Cover Letter

As part of the application process, we ask that you include a resume and cover letter. This helps us to view your previous work experience, in addition to your prior education completed. You will include these with your radiography program application as part of your packet. In the cover letter please include the date you attended the information and advising session.

Step 4. Job Shadowing

Twelve (12) hours of documented job shadowing is a component of the application. Download the Job Shadow Form for documentation of job shadowing experience. More than one copy will be needed. Hours completed on separate days will require a new form (one form per day).

Please include your job shadow experience in your radiography program application package.

Step 5. References

Part of your application process is to submit two structured professional references. Download and complete the reference form.

Reference letters need to be mailed: Attn: Radiologic Technology Program, 1070 Alton Way, Denver, CO 80230. References may be included in the mailed packet only when the references are in a separate sealed envelope with a signature across the seal.

It is your responsibility to obtain and follow up with the persons providing the references. We recommend obtaining more than a minimum of two references to ensure this requirement is met.

Step 6. Submit an Essay

Please take the time to prepare a typed, well-written, grammatically correct, essay-style answer to the two questions below. Each answer should be single-spaced and no more than two paragraphs or half a page in length. Please include the question along with your answer to each.

  • What qualities, skills, and characteristics do you possess that would contribute to and ensure your success in the field of medical imaging as a radiologic technologist?
  • One of CCD’s institutional outcomes is the development and production of graduates who are personally responsible. How would you interpret this outcome from the perspective of a prospective student in the radiologic technology program?

Step 7. Instructions for submitting the completed application

Once you have gathered and completed each of the above documents required for the application, download and complete the radiography program application.

You may mail the completed application package to the following address (postmarked by February 15, 2021).

Attn: Radiologic Technology, Center for Health Sciences at Lowry, 1070 Alton Way, Denver, CO 80230

Should you have any questions while completing this application, please contact our office at 303.365.8300.

Our application process includes the following:

  • Complete all prerequisite coursework by the end of the spring semester.
  • Plan to attend one of our informational and advising sessions:  August 11, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. The advising sessions will be held at: Center for Health Sciences at Lowry, 1070 Alton Way, Denver, CO 80230. No reservations required.
  • Applications are accepted between December 1, 2020 - February 15, 2021. The full application and its documents must be complete or it will not be considered. Once submitted, your application will be evaluated and scored.
  • Top scoring candidates (approximately 36) will be invited to interview. Interviews will be conducted early spring semester.
  • Top 25 scoring and 3 alternate candidates will be notified of their provisional invitation to the program. RTE 101 will be offered during the summer semester if not already completed. The final 25 candidates will begin the program in August.

Admission to the Program

  • Program admission is subject to successfully passing a background check and drug screen. Please read disqualifying offenses before submitting your application.
  • Students may apply and interview a maximum of three (3) times
  • Admission to the program, which is a highly competitive process, is based on a point system (100), determined by the following required criteria:
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 for science courses and 2.8 for General Education courses (30 points)
  • 12 hours of documented job shadowing (10 points)
  • 2 structured letters of recommendation (10 points)
  • Interview with the application panel (30 points)
    • NOTE: The number of applicants who are invited to participate in the interviews depends upon the number of available clinical placement sites. Approximately 36 interviews will be granted.
  • Healthcare or customer service experience (15 points).
  • RTE 101 completion at CCD with a grade of B or higher (5 points).
  • Students who successfully complete Physics 105 with a grade of B or higher will receive bonus points. Starting for 2020 applicants.

This Power Point details regarding the academic requirements of the program, including

  • prerequisites
  • explanation of the admission process
  • program details
  • employment outlook & professional advancement opportunities