Talon Magazine

About The Talon Magazine

The Talon Magazine is an online and print journal produced by CCD students every semester. Each semester, Talon journalism student-contributors write feature news stories, interview and profile interesting people, report on emerging trends, and take pictures about topics that matter to CCD students on the Auraria campus. All CCD students are encouraged to submit their work for selection.

Join the Talon Staff

For more information or to request a staff position on the Talon, please contact Daniel.Schaefer@ccd.edu.

Submission Categories

Text Submission Categories

All submissions must include a title. Types of text submission categories can include any of the following.

  • General Reporting. Objective, general news is a mix of news that people need to know and want to know. Popular general topics include college, campus, local, community news, or events. No opinion, just facts.
  • Entertainment and Niche News. Niche topics include music, concerts, books, movies, theater, health, science, technology, women’s, travel, and reviews.
  • Opinion or Persuasive Articles. Writing an opinionated editorial or persuasive essay is different from writing a news story; wherein a news story, the facts are prized and opinions unwelcome, in an editorial, the piece is based on opinion with facts as support.
  • Miscellaneous Writing. We will have an open category for other types of writing: profiles, narration, description, analysis, etc.

Visual Submission Categories

All submissions in JPEG or PDF format. Types of visual submission categories can include any of the following.

  • Photography. Includes profiles, environment, landscape, and action photos
  • Graphics/Illustrations. Students can use various methods to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual of ideas and messages.

Specific Requirements

Please read carefully and follow these requirements.

  • Include name and contact information and an active email address for all entries.
  • All CCD students are welcome to submit up to five (5) entries in either category.
  • All submissions must be produced and submitted by a current CCD student.
  • Student collaboration is accepted; include all names and contact information for writers.
  • Work completed for a class assignment is accepted and encouraged.
  • Written text should not be longer than six (6) pages, please double-space your work.
  • Use a plain 12-point size, standard fonts such as Courier, Palatino, Georgia, New Century Schoolbook, Courier New, or Times New Roman.
  • Include source/documentation for any borrowed material.

To Submit

You May Email Submissions To