Program Information

Community College of Denver’s Nurse Aide Program offers hands-on, practical opportunities to promote experiential learning through laboratory simulation and clinical rotations. This five-credit certificate is offered at a variety of times and durations to help fit your busy schedule. Classes during the day and evening are available at either our downtown Denver campus (Auraria Campus) or our Lowry location (Health Sciences at Lowry). Our program meets the Colorado OBRA certification requirements and is approved by the State Board of Nursing; successful graduates are eligible to take the state certification exam. 

Our CNAs can go on to become Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Registered Nurses (RN) or take advantage of one of our other health science degrees or stackable certificate programs.

Check out the events calendar for upcoming program advising and information sessions.

Please be aware that this program is five credits and, therefore, is not eligible for financial aid. Due to this restriction, once you have been accepted into the nurse aide program, you must either pay in full or make payment arrangements to pay for the course.

The estimates provided here apply only to Colorado residents and are subject to change. You must live in the state of Colorado for at least one continuous year before the first day of classes to be eligible for in-state tuition. The actual costs for the program will vary depending on the

  • Tuition & fee changes for each year, *(Students taking classes only at Lowry will not be charged the same fees as those students taking classes on the Auraria Campus.)
  • the amount available from the College Opportunity Fund (COF), and
  • cost of immunizations, uniforms, shoes, gait belt, and wrist-watch costs.
Nurse Aide Course Costs
Tuition & Fees AMOUNT
Resident Tuition $1,169.50
COF Stipend $<425.00>
* Fees $358.72
Student Tuition & Fees Cost Sub-Total $1,103.22
Associated Course Costs
Castle Branch Background Check Package Code: OM22 $63.00
Immunizations obtained through Auraria Health Center (TB Skin Test & Flu Shot) $5.00
Scrubs (Must be ordered through Crazy Scrubs and needs to be Cherokee brand and Caribbean blue in color) $64.00
Gait Belt (required for clinical experience) $8.00
NNAAP Exam (written) $50.00
NNAAP Exam (skills) $85.00
Textbook & Workbook (both are required) $64.00
Associated Course Cost Sub-Total (approximate) $310.20
Total Cost of Course (Approximate) $1,413.42

Scholarships are now available for short certificates at CCD. Please visit the scholarship website and see if you are eligible.

Please call 303.365.8300 for further information regarding future semesters in which you may be interested.

Our classes are offered at two different campuses: Health Sciences at Lowry near Aurora and the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver.

Please note that NUA 1001 and NUA 1070 are co-requisite classes, which means after you have been accepted into the nurse aide program, you must register for both the NUA 1001 & the NUA 1070 classes at the same time.

  • Student ID badges must be worn in class and during clinical.
  • Your picture will be taken on the first day of class.
  • The cost of your badge is included in your tuition and fees.

NOTE: Lost or damaged ID badges must be replaced before any clinical and may be obtained at $25.00 per replacement.

Book Information

Must have both the textbook and the workbook:                            

  • Book title: Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care - Long Term Care, 5th Edition
  • ISBN info: 978-1604250749 (Softcover) or 978-19604250770 (hardcover)
  • Book title: Workbook (Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care - Long Term Care 4th ed.
  • ISBN info: 978-1-60425-075-6

You can purchase your book at the Auraria bookstore Tivoli Station, or you’re welcome to buy it somewhere else.

Uniform & Ancillary Items

You can purchase your scrubs and gait belt at any crazy scrub location. 

  • Scrubs: Caribbean Blue Scrubs (Mandatory for all clinical dates)
    • Any color scrub can be worn for class.
  • Shoes: Closed-toe, closed-heel, skid-resistant
  • Gait belt: No quick-release snaps, only nylon belts
  • Watch: Wrist-watch, with a second hand, any color, analog-only (no digital/smartwatches)

NOTE: You must wear your scrubs and clinical ID to each class and clinical.