The Academic Advising Center (AAC) recognizes that time and money spent on your education is one of the most important investments you will ever make.
The Community College of Denver (CCD) is committed to serving our students with disabilities and believes everyone should have access to the resources they need to reach their academic potential.
With guidance from the staff members of the Office of Admissions, Registration & Records, you’ll get on the right track to beginning and furthering your educational goals.
The CCD Alumni Association is the best way to share that success with fellow graduates, stay in touch after you finish classes, and benefit from your CCD experience.
The job market is rapidly changing and the CCD Career Development Center (CDC) is committed to helping you change with it.
Popularly known as the Cashier’s Office, the Business Office at CCD exists as a point of reference for all your educational and academic payments.
Community College of Denver (CCD) strives to provide a safe and healthy environment that improves your learning process.
The Community College of Denver Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on engaging individuals, foundations, and corporations in supporting the Community College of Denver.
Established in 1990, the CCD Honors Program incites and drives CCD students who are ready for an additional academic challenge.
With the additional support and guidance from the Center for Special Programs, you will have the resources you need to reach your educational and personal goals.
COSO’s dedicated staff connect and assist you during the pre-enrollment and college transition process by developing positive relationships, showing you the path toward enrollment, and providing top-notch service.
There are many ways you can begin reaching your educational goals and your path toward college while still in high school. Learn more with College Pathways.
The Community College of Denver Confucius Institute is one of more than 440 centers worldwide of Chinese language and cultural learning.
The Educational Opportunity Center serves a six-county metropolitan area offering the community information on accessing higher education, planning and assisting with the completion of the admissions and financial aid applications, exploring career options, and dissemination of private scholarship sources to low income, first generation students.
The CCD facilities staff is dedicated to providing a safe, clean, comfortable, and welcoming environment for our students, faculty, and guests of our 150-acres campus.
If you need help paying for college, the CCD Financial Aid Office is here to help you with the process.
The Fiscal Services Department provides finance and accounting support, purchasing, travel, payroll and grant management/reporting services for the Community College of Denver.
Community College of Denver (CCD) employs faculty, administrators, and staff members who facilitate a better working and learning environment for employees and students alike.
Information Technology (IT) Services provides information technology leadership and support to the faculty, staff, and students of Community College of Denver.
Institutional Research & Planning supports the vision of CCD by providing the campus community with vital information pertaining to the College, the student population, and academic programs.
The KEYS Scholarship is designed to assist displaced homemakers to become self-sufficient. Apply for a KEYS Scholarship today!
With a sincere commitment to the safety and a conducive learning environment of the campus, the Office of Student Conduct assists students, faculty, and staff in dealing with violations of the Student Code of Conduct.
The Office of Student Development and Retention at CCD creates opportunities to involve students, faculty, and staff in diverse learning environments and delivers critical support for enriching the overall student experience.
The Office of Student Life’s purpose is to help you succeed as a student by creating a supportive environment that is both challenging and committed to your learning.
"It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to CCD, a place of immense student opportunity, hope, and accomplishment. " - Dr. Everette J. Freeman, CCD President
Meet the Provost! "A CCD graduate is a complex thinker, is an effective and ethical user of technology, is an effective communicator, is globally aware, is personally responsible and is a numeric thinker. With these attributes, CCD’s graduates can do anything!" - Bernice Harris, CCD Provost
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The Resource Center will provide you guidance and information that is essential to creating and growing your “toolbox of strategies” that increases your chances of academic success while you are a student at CCD.

Get involved with the Student Government Association, whose mission is to represent the voice of CCD students, encourage and support their interests, and provide opportunities within our diverse community. SGA meetings are held every Friday at 1:00 p.m.

As an employee of CCD, you have full access to the Teaching Learning Center (TLC), where you will attain the professional development essential in reaching your career goals.
The Testing Center is located on the Auraria Campus and supports teaching and learning by providing high-quality test administration and excellent customer service in a comfortable and secure testing environment.
If you are considering transferring to another university or college, the Transfer Success Center (TSC) is here to help.
Student Support Services (SSS), also known as TRIO, provides full guidance within an active community of students and staff.
The Regional Workforce Initiative Now (WIN) is an innovative and groundbreaking workforce partnership led by Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) in coordination with the Community College of Denver (CCD), Denver Transit Partners, and the Urban League of Metropolitan Denver.