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Graduation Checklist

Verifying Eligibility • Records • Requirements

Major:  Students must be accepted into a program of study (major) at the Community College of Denver before applying for graduation. Meet with your Program Advisor or go to Degree Check on CCDConnect to be sure you have been accepted into the correct program of study and that you are on track to graduate.

Credits:  Students must take at least 15 credit hours or 25% of program at CCD to receive a diploma for any degree or certificate program from this institution.  The minimum credit requirement for a degree is 60 hours. Certificate requirements vary.

GPA:  Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in each course. Some programs require higher GPA standards;
check the catalog or with an Advisor at the Academic Advising Center for details.

Incompletes and Satisfactory Progress: Students with a grade of “I” or “SP” on their CCD record must have the department submit grade changes to Admissions, Registration, and Records (Confluence 114) no later than two weeks after the semester ends.

Verify Name: The name on your diploma will be printed with the current name on school records.  
If your name has changed, submit a Change of Information form with Admissions, Registration, and Records (Confluence 114).

Transcript Evaluation: If you have credit from a previous school or institution that needs to be evaluated for your program, make sure Admissions, Registration, and Records (Confluence 114) has received your official transcripts by the time you submit your Graduation Application. Applicable credits must be transferred in order to be eligible to graduate.

Credit for Prior Learning: Students applying for Credit for Prior Learning must have all paperwork completed with
the Academic Advising Center (Confluence 123).

Additional requirements:  Specific programs may have additional requirements - check the catalog for your specific program of study.

Applying for Graduation 

Download or pick up a Graduation Application from Admissions, Registration, and Records (Confluence 114). Each Degree/Certificate requires a separate Graduation Application.

• Fill out a Graduation Department Chair Review form if applying for graduation with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or Certificate.  Graduation Applications missing this form will be denied.

• Submit the Graduation Application and Graduation Department Chair Review forms (if applicable) to Admissions, Registration, and Records by the published deadline*:

Fall - September 10  •
Spring - February 10  •
Summer - June 10

* Please Note: If the published deadline occurs on a weekend applications will be accepted until the following business day.

Fall 2013 - Summer 2014 Graduation Application Deadlines:
Graduation applications for each semester must be received by Admissions, Registration, and Records by published deadlines. These are:

Fall 2013 September 10, 2013
Spring 2014 February 10, 2014
Summer 2014 June 10, 2014

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