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Unaccompanied Student Support Services


The Office of Student Life in collaboration with the Financial Aid Office and the Academic Advising Center are launching the Unaccompanied Student Support Services program. This program was created to support transitioning, homeless students in meeting their higher education goals here at the Community College of Denver.

The mission of the Unaccompanied Student Support Services program is to provide human services support, through mentoring, guidance, advising, financial aid and housing support for students that meet the criteria, to be successful at Community College of Denver.

CCD has a designated SPOC (single point of contact) as do other state colleges and universities in Colorado. The purpose of providing a SPOC is to help unaccompanied youth qualify for financial aid in the absence of their parents' tax information and family support.

CCD's SPOC is Shannon Webber:
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Office: 303-352-5029
Fax: 303-556-5458

Eligible students will be assigned to a Human Service Peer Mentor who will stay in weekly contact, schedule in-office meetings and offer the necessary peer-to-peer coaching, support and resources until the student is successful in finding an adequate housing situation for themselves. In addition, CCD will provide care packages and assistance with books.

What defines an Unaccompanied Student?

Homelessness: Children who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence which includes

  • living in shelters, motels, or cars OR
  • temporarily living with other people because the applicant had nowhere else to go. Students who choose to leave their parents' home will need to demonstrate that they were at risk of harm if they continued to live with their parents.

At risk of being homeless: When a student's housing may cease to be fixed, regular, and adequate. For example, a student who is being evicted and has been unable to find fixed, regular, and adequate housing.

Unaccompanied Youth: A youth not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian who also meets the definition of homeless.
"Youth" means that the applicant (student) is 21 years of age or younger OR that the applicant is still enrolled in high school as of the date he/she completes the FAFSA. Applicants between the ages of 21-24 who otherwise meet all other criteria, should contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Self-supporting: When a student pays for his or her own living expenses, including fixed, regular and adequate housing.

Unaccompanied Youth Form

The most updated Unaccompanied Youth form can be found under the financial aid section.

Here is the link 

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