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Early Childhood Education Credential Assessment

Description: We offer the Basic credential assessment for the Level I credential, the Advanced assessment for Levels II, III, and IV, and the Infant/Toddler and Exceptional Child (111/260) assessment.

For information about the exams, you can access "The Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Standards" on the Colorado Early Childhood Office of Professional Development website at   For additional questions regarding credentialing or the exam content, please contact Sudy Opsahl at the Colorado Early Childhood Professional Credential Office, 303-866-5393 or

Format: The test is multiple choice and computer-based.  There are 250 questions on both the Basic test and the Infant/Toddler test, and 300 questions on the Advanced test.  Test takers are not permitted to use any aids during the test such as books, notes, dictionaries, calculators, et cetera.  There is also a short survey that is required prior to starting the exam.

ID Requirement: A valid government issued photo ID is required. Please review the Testing Center Expectations and Code of Conduct prior to testing.

Time:  All tests are timed and are 3 hours in length.   To allow time for the required survey and test administration procedures, appointments will be made for 3 1/2 hour time blocks.

Cost: $42 per attempt.  Fees are payable during check-in at the CCD Testing Center.

How to Schedule: The CCD Testing Center administers exams Monday through Friday and the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month.  See our hours of operation.  Please call 303-556-3810 to make an appointment.  Please note that these exams are only administered during February, June, and October.

Retest Information: There is no limit on retests during the months offered.

Results: Results are available immediately upon completion of the exam.   A score of 80% is required to pass all exams.  To receive the credential, candidates must pass the exam and complete the credential application.  Once the requirements have been met, the Colorado Early Childhood Professional Credential Office will issue the credential.

Does CCD offer classes in Early Childhood Education?
YES!   Contact  the Case Manager for ECE at 303-352-3112. You can also go to the CCD Early Childhood Program website or CCCOnline Early Childhood Program for ECE Online classes to learn more about the program.


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