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Degrees and Certificates

Center for Language, Arts and Behavioral Sciences

How about working at a top-notch graphic design firm?  Traveling to the other side of the world to practice your newly acquired language skills? Programs in our department offer  degrees and certificates that will help you enter the job market prepared. 

The Center for Language, Arts and Behavioral Sciences (LABS) offers exciting courses in the following areas: Art and Graphic Design, Behavioral Sciences (Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology), Communication (Speech), English, Journalism, World Languages, History, Humanities, Literature, Philosophy, Human Services, Music, Paralegal and Theater.

Programs in our department offer certificates that can help you enter the job market. We also offer many degrees that are perfect for transferring to a 4-year college or university. We have state wide transfer agreements in place that make transferring a snap. Plus, it makes great financial sense to start your college degree at CCD … education at community colleges is more affordable! Financial aid is available to qualified students.

Our main office is located on the Auraria Campus in the South Classroom Building, room 307, feel free to stop by, or call us at 303-556-2473.

Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology
The behavioral sciences involve the study of humans as individuals and as groups. By blending several disciplines, the behavioral sciences offer a broad understanding of the human condition. At CCD, the behavioral sciences include anthropology, psychology, and sociology.

  • Anthropology is the study of humankind everywhere, throughout time, emphasizing the importance of culture.
  • Psychology is the study of mental processes and behavior.
  • Sociology is the study of social interactions and how people function within society.

What is the Behavioral Sciences Program?
The Community College of Denver offers an Associate of Arts (AA) degree with a behavioral science emphasis. Your emphasis may be in one or more of these three areas: Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology.

When you earn an AA degree with an emphasis in the behavioral sciences you increase your knowledge, skills, and marketability. The program prepares you to transfer to a four-year institution and for entry-level positions in settings such as day care centers, domestic violence shelters, youth programs, and assisted-living facilities.

You may also use selected courses in anthropology, psychology, and sociology to meet the social and behavioral science requirement in CCD’s general education core.

An Associate of Arts degree with a behavioral science emphasis prepares you for a variety of jobs. For example, graduates work as mental health counselor aides, as residential managers in group homes, and as assistant social services directors in aging agencies. The behavioral sciences also prepare you for jobs in areas such as sales, customer service, and marketing that require high level people skills and an understanding of human behavior.

Positions as professional anthropologists, psychologists or sociologists generally require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and usually a graduate degree in that specific field. CCD’s Behavioral Science Program prepares you well to transfer to a four-year institution to begin work on these degrees.

The Behavioral Science faculty are often practicing professionals who work as archaeologists, clinical psychologists, or applied sociologists when they are not teaching at CCD. To give you opportunities to work in the community as part of your course work many faculty offer service learning options.

English and literature are personally fulfilling topics to study. If you choose to emphasize your AA degree in English/Literature, you’re most likely planning to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Credits you earn toward your AA degree in English/Literature at CCD will transfer to any four-year public college or university in Colorado.

Historians research, analyze, and interpret the past. Often they specialize in a country or region, a particular period of time, or a field like social, intellectual, cultural, political, or diplomatic history. Biographers focus their research on individuals. Other historians study and preserve archival materials, artifacts, and historic buildings and sites. If you choose to emphasize your AA degree in History, you’re most likely planning to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Credits you earn toward your AA degree in History at CCD will transfer to any four-year public college or university in Colorado.

English, literature, and humanities are personally fulfilling topics to study. If you choose the study areas of your AA degree in English/Literature/Humanities, you’re most likely planning to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Credits you earn toward your AA degree in English/Literature at CCD will transfer to any four-year public college or university in Colorado.

Basic public speaking is a skill you can use in any career and one that could set you apart from the rest of the crowd. If you earn your AA degree in Speech from CCD, you’ll master basic public speaking and take courses in interpersonal communication, group discussion, voice and diction. If you choose to emphasize your AA degree in Speech, you’re most likely planning to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Credits you earn toward your AA degree in Speech at CCD will transfer to any four-year public college or university in Colorado.

Turn your creativity into a career!

Denver is a city rich in arts and culture with many opportunities for budding actors, musicians, photographers, graphic designers and artists. Community College of Denver’s Visual & Performing Arts programs help students embrace their creativity and focus it toward a career.

CCD Art students learn the techniques to turn creativity into cash, exhibiting their work in several locations on the Auraria Campus, including the student run DOCK Gallery. Many talented artists have gone on to prestigious four-year institutions and have successful careers after studying art at CCD.

CCD’s Music program offers private instruction on piano, guitar, voice, woodwinds, strings, conducting and composition in addition to a choral ensemble. Students can use a state-of-the art computer music lab to write and produce their own music. Both the Music faculty and students perform in recitals at the end of each semester.

While CCD’s Theatre program offers traditional acting classes, it has become known for it’s non-traditional stand-up and sketch comedy classes. CCD’s own Scared Scriptless sketch comedy troupe performs to sold-out crowds each semester and several students have performed in local comedy clubs as part of their Theatre major.

Visual & Performing Arts faculty are talented working artists, designers and performers who provide and encourage a climate for students to express themselves, learn how to hone their talents and use them in an action-filled career.

CCD offers certificate and degree programs in all these career areas. A strong basis in foundations classes including design, drawing, painting, digital photography and history, provide a richer, hands-on learning atmosphere. Earn a certificate so you can explore your options, upgrade your skills or get a better job, quickly! In many cases, the credits you earn for a certificate can apply to a degree in the same area.

Earn an associate’s degree to expand your skills, making you more in demand in your field. Transfer many of your credits to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree.
ART Associate of Arts Degree with an emphasis in:

An Associate of Arts (AA) degree from CCD will give you a learning foundation in communications, social sciences, arts or humanities. You can work toward the AA degree for your own personal enrichment or use the credits you earn to transfer to a four-year college or university to continue toward a baccalaureate degree. You can complete the degree in just four semesters, going full-time and carrying the required number of hours, or you may choose to extend the amount of time for completion.

The AA degree is called a “university parallel” or “transfer” degree. When you complete your general education core requirements at CCD, you will meet the lower-division general education requirements of all public colleges and universities in Colorado. When you leave CCD with your degree, you can go to one of those institutions and start as a junior.

In addition to core requirements, you may choose from classes such as:

With an Associate of Arts degree in fine art, you can then work as a professional artist or transfer to a four-year college or university to continue your education. This is a perfect way to explore your creative options while earning your degree.
In addition to core requirements, you may also choose from elective classes such as Mural Painting.


CCD’s Journalism Department offers many opportunities for students interested in journalism and mass media. For questions about any of the opportunities please contact Kristi Strother at
Journalism Certificate:
This certificate program teaches basic journalism principles, theories, and techniques—students will be qualified for opportunities in the local industry, including entry level positions in a variety of mediums.  This program also prepares students to transfer to four-year institutions in Colorado.

Within the program, students are introduced to convergent media as well as terms and technology standard in the industry.  The program offers a variety of classes to give students an expansive knowledge of different mediums and their importance to the industry.

The certificate program is transferable to an Associate of General Studies (AGS) or Associate of Arts (AA) degree.

Please see an advisor to review transferability of courses. Students must complete all certificate course work with a grade of C or better.
Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)
The Society of Professional Journalists is dedicated to the perpetuation of a free press as the cornerstone of our nation and our liberty.
SPJ is a professional organization that includes broadcast, print and online journalists, journalism educators, and students interested in journalism as a career.
The Auraria Chapter of SPJ is a thriving student organization. Get involved with a group of students who promote the First Amendment and seek opportunities for networking and developing partnerships with media leaders!           Everyone is welcome to join.
Campus Connection CCD’s Student Newspaper
Campus Connection is devoted to allowing all interested students the opportunity to be a part of the student newspaper. Upholding the First Amendment and understanding its limitations and benefits is key to our success as the student voicefor the Community College of Denver. We strive to incorporate the basic tenets of Society of Professional Journalists and Associated Collegiate Press.
The newspaper hires students in a variety of positions: writers, photographers, copy editors, business managers, advertising director, cartoonists, graphic artists and webmasters
Students interested in applying at Campus Connection should stop by Tivoli Room 343 or contact faculty adviser, Kristi Strother at
Media Internships
Internship opportunities for CCD Journalism students are available. Applicants must be a current CCD student in good standing, and each student must receive department approval.

CCD Music students use keyboards and specialized computers and software in the Music Technology Lab to notate and print original compositions or arrangements, playback, edit and burn CDs of their music. CCD Music students use keyboards and specialized computers and software in the Music Technology Lab to notate and print original compositions or arrangements, playback, edit and burn CDs of their music. Music students have a choice of a music technology track vs. a more traditional performance track in music. The performance should track transfers to any four year school with a music program. The music technology track transfers to the University of Colorado Denver (UCD) and other music technology schools. In addition, CCD offers songwriting classes as well.

When you earn a degree in Music from CCD, you’ll learn about music theory, ear training and music history. You’ll be on the path to various careers, including performance, education, music technology, business or engineering. You may decide to teach in private music studios where salaries can range from $15 to $50 per hour, or you can go on to earn a bachelor’s degree and become a teacher where you can expect to earn $18 per hour to start. You might choose another career avenue like managing a band, controlling the soundboards at concerts, performing individually or with a symphony, chorus or other musical group. 

Philosophy is a personally fulfilling topic to study and it teaches you to think.  Students pursuing a study area of philosophy in their AA degree are typically planning to pursue Bachelor's or Master's degrees. Courses offered include Introductory Philosophy, Ethics and World Religions.

You can take traditional acting and theatre classes at CCD, then challenge yourself to perform live, without a script as part of CCD Theatre’s own sketch comedy group, Scared Scriptless. Since its inception in fall 2003, the troupe has performed sold out shows in the King Center’s Eugenia Rawls Courtyard Theatre each fall and spring semesters. CCD’s acting and comedy classes give you a chance to explore your talent, gain confidence and learn public speaking skills. Credits you earn toward your Theatre degree at CCD will transfer to any public college or university in Colorado. You could even stay on the Auraria Campus and pursue your bachelor’s degree at Metro State or UC Denver. You will earn approximately $18 per hour teaching theatre.

Expand your mind and enhance your life learning another language at CCD! Our dynamic Languages faculty are from all over the world: China, Spain, Germany, Cuba and the United States. Courses offered at CCD include American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. International Language Tours are often offered as an exciting course credit alternative. Students in Language at CCD often transfer to Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Colorado at Denver on the Auraria Campus for their four-year degrees. In addition to being helpful when traveling, students who learn more than one language often have increased job opportunities.


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